Analyze puzzles and games that involve logical reasoning using problem-solving strategies.

[C, CN, PS, R]

Indicators for this outcome
Note: This outcome is intended to be integrated throughout the course by using logical puzzles and games such as Chess, Sudoku, Mastermind, Nim, Reversi.

Determine, explain, and verify strategies to solve a puzzle or to win a game such as:

  • guess and check
  • look for a pattern
  • make a systematic list
  • draw or model
  • eliminate possibilities
  • formulate and simplify a problem that is similar to the original problem
  • work backwards
  • develop alternative approaches.


Observe and analyze errors in solutions to puzzles or in strategies for winning games, and explain the reasoning.


Create a variation on a puzzle or a game, and describe a strategy for solving the altered puzzle or winning the game.

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