Extend and apply understanding of linear relations including:
  • patterns and trends
  • graphs
  • tables of values
  • equations
  • interpolation and extrapolation
  • problem solving.

[CN, PS, R, T, V]

Indicators for this outcome

Analyze graphs, tables of values, number patterns, and/or equations to generalize characteristics of linear relations.


Analyze relations in sets of graphs, tables of values, number patterns, and/or equations to sort according to whether the relations are linear or nonlinear.


Represent and explain the linear relation in given contexts, including direct or partial variations, using equations, tables of values, and/or sketches of graphs.


Analyze contexts and their graphs to explain why the points on the graphs should or should not be connected.


Create, with or without technology, a graph to represent a data set, including scatterplots.


Analyze graphs of data sets, including scatterplots, to generalize and describe the trends.


Analyze and sort a set of scatterplots according to the trends represented (linear, nonlinear, or no trend).


Critique statements such as "Trends allow us to predict exactly what will happen in the near future."


Solve situational questions that require interpolation or extrapolation of information.


Relate slope and rate of change to linear relations.


Match given contexts with their corresponding graphs and explain the reasoning.


Create and solve situational problems that involve the application of a formula for a linear relation.

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