Extend and apply understanding of probability.

[C, CN, PS, R]

Indicators for this outcome

Research and present orally, in writing, or using multimedia, applications of probability (e.g., medication, warranties, insurance, lotteries, weather prediction, 100-year flood, failure of a design, failure of a product, vehicle recalls, approximation of area).


Calculate the probability of an event based on a data set, (e.g., determine the probability of a randomly chosen light bulb being defective).


Express given probabilities as fractions, decimals, percentages, and using words.


Analyze, generalize, and compare odds and probability including part-whole and part-part relationships.


Determine the probability of an event, given the odds for or against.


Explain, using examples, how decisions may be based on a combination of theoretical probability calculations, results of experimental probability, and subjective judgments.


Solve situational questions that involve probability.


Critique statements such as, "It is not possible to express odds as fractions".

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