Assess personal, societal, and environmental impacts of sound-related technologies.
Indicators for this outcome

Explain the purpose and effect of devices (e.g., hearing aid, sonar, amplifier, microphone, oscilloscope, and ultrasound) that enhance the human ability to produce, transmit, and detect sound.


Explore the use of sound in movies, television, dance, and drama.


Investigate the type and loudness of sounds heard in various locations in their environment (e.g., classroom, hallway, gymnasium, music room, library, lunch room, and playground).


Explore the personal and social impacts on humans who are deaf or hard of hearing, including connections to speech and the role of sign language.


Explain how and why different materials are used in schools and other buildings based on their ability to absorb and/or reflect sounds.


Demonstrate methods and technologies used to prevent noise pollution in their surroundings, and work with group members to evaluate the effectiveness of those methods.


Explore the importance and uses of sound in different cultures, past and present.


Identify positive and negative consequences, for humans and other animals, of technologies (e.g., leaf blower, stereo, car horn, motors, and fireworks) that produce sounds.


Identify issues related to sound such as long-term exposure to environmental noise, portable music players, and workplace sounds, and discuss the implications of these issues on individuals, society, and the environment.


Explain practices that help meet the need for protection from loud and sustained sounds to prevent short- and long-term hearing loss in humans.


Research the contributions of Canadians who contributed to the development of sound-based technologies.

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