view, interact with, and experience the natural and constructed environments of the community.
Indicators for this outcome
(a) interacts with classmates and teacher respectfully during learning activities using the Michif language;
(b) interacts with classmates in pairs or small groups to plan and complete class projects using the Michif language;
(c) seeks and records information to further understanding of Michif concepts from Elders and other knowledge keepers within the community (by keeping a journal, transcribing encounters, videotaping interactions, creating a dictionary);
(d) participates in developing language and culture during experiential learning opportunities, such as helping at community/cultural events, volunteering with day-care children, visiting and conversing with Elders in the community, planning cultural camps/activities and presents these experiences with classmates and teacher;
(e) discusses and promotes positive interactions and relationships in the school by inviting (Elders into the classroom to share with students);
(f) derives meaning from, and responds to a variety of text forms including storytelling in a variety of media (videotaped instructions or events by creating illustrations, respond in learning logs, or questioning the author);
(g) responds to representation of ideas, events and information by creating a chart, illustrations or technology.
Teaching Sacred Language Curriculum (Book and Flashcards)
This curriculum, developed from a First Nations perspective, provides a framework of strategies and tools to enable holistic language learning. This model will work with any Indigenous language and incorporates methodologies such as Accelerated Second Language Acquisition (ASLA), Total Physical Response (TPR) and elements of the standard roman orthography (SRO) and modified roman orthography (MRO) systems. Included are assessments based on traditional ways of knowing and monthly charts for language acquisition routines throughout the year. The curriculum book and 305 flashcards may be purchased as a single bundle or separately.
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