communicate meaningfully with accuracy (accuracy primarily the syntactical and semantical connections of a language).
Indicators for this outcome
(a) self-corrects pronunciation when speaking;
(b) understands and uses specific vocabulary associated with his or her daily life when (e.g., interacting with classmates, teacher, composing a written assignment and presenting orally);
(c) uses common regular verbal affixes with accuracy such as transitive and intransitive verbs. Transitive Animate Verb (VTA) niwâpamâw -I see him/her (animate)" and Transitive Inanimate Verbs (VTI) "niwâpahtîn~I see it (inanimate)";
(d) uses correct word order in short utterances and basic constructions;
(e) uses some complex sentences;
(f) listens and responds to a variety of short, simple oral sentences in situations by answering or questioning when the opportunity presents itself, for example: tânsi kiya? How are you? namôya nân'taw. I am fine.";
(g) identifies the main point and supporting details of short texts on familiar topics in guided situations;
(h) presents steps of a procedure or follows directions;
(i) identifies and explains a variety of references (nouns, verbs, space, time) within texts;
(j) identifies and explains complex syntactical and semantical elements of the language;
(k) enunciates words independently and confidently; and,
(l) uses a repertoire of words and phrases in the classroom within a variety of lexical fields such as; world of work, living things, shopping, extracurricular activities, plants and seasons, entertainment.
Teaching Sacred Language Curriculum (Book and Flashcards)
This curriculum, developed from a First Nations perspective, provides a framework of strategies and tools to enable holistic language learning. This model will work with any Indigenous language and incorporates methodologies such as Accelerated Second Language Acquisition (ASLA), Total Physical Response (TPR) and elements of the standard roman orthography (SRO) and modified roman orthography (MRO) systems. Included are assessments based on traditional ways of knowing and monthly charts for language acquisition routines throughout the year. The curriculum book and 305 flashcards may be purchased as a single bundle or separately.
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