receive and give information by choosing the appropriate language function.
Indicators for this outcome
(a) uses a combination of simple social interaction patterns to perform transactions and interactions (e.g., invitation, accepting, nonaccepting, explaining, extending, and writing) specific to the Michif culture;
(b) explores and uses formal and informal Michif and behaviours in a variety of contexts;
(c) uses learned expressions in a variety of contexts;
(d) asks for and responds to questions of clarification about objects: directions, prices, purpose, location. Where is the store?;
(e) asks for and responds to questions of clarification about action or movement: frequency, duration, direction; e.g., Which way to Canoe river?;
(f) asks for and responds to questions of clarification about "who did what to whom";
(g) asks for and responds to questions about logical relations: cause, conditional, contrast, conjunction; e.g., "Where is our mother?."; asks for specific help and completes task;
(h) follows instructions involving several objects and actions (learning to dance, jig, or prepare food);
(i) exchanges and shares opinions, preferences, and shares justification; and,
(j) participates in conversations that include past, present and future actions and events.
Teaching Sacred Language Curriculum (Book and Flashcards)
This curriculum, developed from a First Nations perspective, provides a framework of strategies and tools to enable holistic language learning. This model will work with any Indigenous language and incorporates methodologies such as Accelerated Second Language Acquisition (ASLA), Total Physical Response (TPR) and elements of the standard roman orthography (SRO) and modified roman orthography (MRO) systems. Included are assessments based on traditional ways of knowing and monthly charts for language acquisition routines throughout the year. The curriculum book and 305 flashcards may be purchased as a single bundle or separately.
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