Perform language functions that allow learners to inquire.
Indicators for this outcome
(a) discusses and plans ways to obtain information or assistance from peers, helpers, leaders in the community for a variety of purposes (ask for assistance or guidance from others);
(b) decides where and how to find information including print and non-print resources such as:
  • interviewing people with specific simple questions;
  • internet, DVDs, TV, radio, resource people;
  • library, book store, trading post, store.
(c) processes information by listening to instructions on how to do a particular task or follow directions;
(d) organizes, condenses and summarizes data by using webs, charts, drawings and other visual representations;
(e) records information in various forms, such as written, visual, or audio puts information to use by preparing a project, representing, or planning for an outing; and,
(f) conducts a language survey as a class or group project to survey Michif speakers on language.
Teaching Sacred Language Curriculum (Book and Flashcards)
This curriculum, developed from a First Nations perspective, provides a framework of strategies and tools to enable holistic language learning. This model will work with any Indigenous language and incorporates methodologies such as Accelerated Second Language Acquisition (ASLA), Total Physical Response (TPR) and elements of the standard roman orthography (SRO) and modified roman orthography (MRO) systems. Included are assessments based on traditional ways of knowing and monthly charts for language acquisition routines throughout the year. The curriculum book and 305 flashcards may be purchased as a single bundle or separately.
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