produce language that is understandable to others.
Indicators for this outcome
(a) produces text on familiar topics, providing detail to support main point, in guided situations;
(b) communicates thoughts, ideas, feelings for specific purposes and audiences through a variety of verbal and visual media in guided situations;
(c) retells parts of oral narratives orally and in written form, and combines with various mediums of expression, such as dance, puppetry, art, or drama;
(d) shares personal reflections created, such as a speech and as written text, in response to personal experiences or Michif world-views;
(e) writes notes and presents orally to capture basic information from inquiry or from a personal or electronic source, such as a short interview, weather report or short film;
(f) writes a factual report based on inquiry and presents information accompanying the written report with a visual, oral or kinaesthetic presentation that adds to its effectiveness for a particular audience; and,
(g) presents an oral narrative or other creative text and accompanies it with a visual, kinaesthetic or oral presentation that adds to its effectiveness for a particular audience, such as a poem put to music, script or dialogue acted out, or gives instructions on how to do a particular task.