assess personal strengths and needs within the development of their own language skill, and set goals for future improvement.
Indicators for this outcome
(a) reflects on and identifies through the Michif world-view and language;
(b) recognizes speaking, listening and viewing as useful tools to clarify thinking, communicating and learning;
(c) evaluates the quality of own contributions to group process and sets goals and plans for further development; and,
(d) develops and uses criteria for evaluating self, goals, and projects.
Teaching Sacred Language Curriculum (Book and Flashcards)
This curriculum, developed from a First Nations perspective, provides a framework of strategies and tools to enable holistic language learning. This model will work with any Indigenous language and incorporates methodologies such as Accelerated Second Language Acquisition (ASLA), Total Physical Response (TPR) and elements of the standard roman orthography (SRO) and modified roman orthography (MRO) systems. Included are assessments based on traditional ways of knowing and monthly charts for la...
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