Conduct an in-depth inquiry investigating a consistent theme or idea within a body of work demonstrating insight into ways that artists create in order to learn.
Invent and adapt style variations in new works influenced by selected artists.
Regularly document and develop own creative process (e.g., inspiration, research, sketches, production, media skills, evaluation, refinement) up to and including completed works.
Produce works that purposefully and creatively manipulate compositional and design strategies to express a point of view or communicate an idea.
Prepare and present own work in a professional manner to share ideas with wider audience.
Examine and critically respond, orally and in writing, to the work of professional artists utilizing a range of art criticism models.
Evaluate, for the purpose of improvement, own works in progress and completed works during regular critiques with peers.
Assess how knowledge is produced and shared in various ways through a range of art forms including those produced by First Nations and Métis artists.
Research and discuss the business of art including supports offered by arts organizations.
Research, plan, produce, analyze and resolve a series of works exploring, through independent inquiry, big ideas of personal significance.
Create original works inspired by artists of personal interest while maintaining own intentions and artistic vision.
Refine and document full range of own creative process (e.g., idea generation, sketches, drafts, maquettes, reference work, source material, research, production, media exploration, critique, refinement) including completed works, providing evidence of critical inquiry.
Cultivate proficiency in manipulating visual, stylistic and conceptual conventions to solve a range of challenging art making investigations.
Prepare and curate an exhibition of own work in a professional and collaborative manner.
Utilize creative and systematic investigations to critically analyze, interpret and respond to professional art, orally and in writing, across formats, styles, cultures and time periods.
Critique works in progress and portfolio development with peers and other experienced reviewers to inform the development of that work and/or lead future work.
Appraise current trends and emerging practices to determine how artists produce and embed knowledge within work.
Activate self-advocacy and agency as an emerging artist by connecting with arts professionals, including First Nations and Métis.