Investigate the meaning of culture and the origins of Canadian cultural diversity.
Appraise the influence of immigration as a factor in Canadian cultural diversity.
Develop an understanding of the significance of land on the evolution of Canadian identity.
Describe the influence of the treaty relationship on Canadian identity.
Assess how historical events in Canada have affected the present Canadian identity
Contemplate the implications of Canadian citizenship on the life of Canadians.
Examine the role of power and authority in the application of diverse decision-making processes in a variety of contexts.
Present the evolution of a piece of legislation, from its first conception to its implementation.
Assess the impact of citizens' willingness and ability to actively engage in the Canadian political processes.
Analyze the social and environmental consequences of living in the Canadian mixed market economy based on consumerism.
Assess the implications of personal consumer choices.
Critique the approaches of Canada and Canadians to environmental stewardship and sustainability.